BIM modeling service

ViBIM is now leading in Vietnam on providing Building Information Modeling - BIM modeling outsourcing solutions for clients in almost Vietnam and USA. We provide Revit modeling of building systems for building design within highest quality delivery, affordable cost and contract schedule.

With over 4-year experiences in providing these services for clients in USA, Vietnam and Asia areas and taking part in Vietnam official BIM roadmap proposal period 2017 – 2022, we have built and controlled own BIM modeling process based using BIM softwares: Revit, Navisworks … Our team dedicated BIM modelers on Architecture, Structure and MEP, and other external elements (beam, column, joist, foundations…). We are capable to translate 2D drawings into a rich BIM model with genuine inside information and clean families. Maintain and update the 3D models help to reduce the workload caused by retroactive data collection, prevents data redundancy, excludes typical process interruptions, creates leeway in decision-making and substantially minimizes planning and execution risks.
We use Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) expertise to implement 3D parametric modeling that strictly apply by BIM implementing process and advice of software vender and BIM experts, our product of Revit models always get the criteria of exact Revit family categories, naming convention which range from file to fit. All of handling works process are managed closely from bidding process to delivery. We provide various types of 3D model for many tasks of work. We help clients:

Marketing visualization:
The 3D models with realistic and attractive design are able to allow customer to review their future building on that existing condition, help them feel more interested, hence they can easily communicate with property salesman or designers and quickly make decision. Our product can be shown by photo-realistic illustrations and videos create images of completed building. Additionally, the model integrated with detailed information help everyone can clarify about the building on material, dimension, design conceptual… especially with the buildings that have complex architecture. In now, this technology is more and more popular and become one of the most important key to succeed in property industry.
Our service: 

3D design coordination model: 
With the complex and tight-schedule project require large design process that involve many parties, the traditional 2D method is time-consuming and prone to errors. If, however, plans are integrated in a joint 3D model, they are easily combined and coordinated.
Geometrical conflicts between trades are detected in at very early stage and they are calculated and recorded in documentation. The results of clash detection are made available online for coordination. Base on that documentation, contractors will fix their design drawings that ensure to export exact shop-drawing for construction. 
The correction of errors in the 3D design coordination model helps to significantly reduce errors on the construction site. It helps save cost and especially reduce accident at work and construction schedule risks.
Our services:
3D design service
Clashes detection service

3D Quantity model:  
Our 3D model with fulfill information to be able to use for the calculation of quantities and costs estimation. It helps general contractors, investors and project managers recheck automatically and accurately quantities from traditional calculation.  Our technology ensure more quickly, precisely and efficiently. Quantity takeoff is utilized as part of the construction process from design to as-built stage, therefore 3D quantity model can be used for further tasks.
Our service:

Estimate scheduling
The 3D model can help to simulate building progress from very first stage to complete. All of involved parties will be able to communicate to create the best perfect and smoothest synchonalyze construction planning, reduce redundancy times when construction.
Our service:

We develop accurate BIM model and their respective deliverables to best serve the specification requires of our clients. Using the BIM communication standard and Level of Detail (LOD) industry specification as a guide, we provide Architecture & Structure & MEP models, with LOD from 100, 200, 300, 350, 400 for 3D representation of construction-caliber quantities, fabrication, scheduling, estimations and on-site production control.
We assist clients address challenges in every phase of a project; from preconstruction design coordination through construction, commissioning and closeout. We provide our services for design consultants, engineering fabricator, owners (investors), general contractors, laser scanners, Land Surveying companies. 
We are expert in consultancy for these sectors:
Office/ Apartment/ Commercial Center
Transportation: Airport, Highways

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