BIM in Vietnam

In Vietnam, BIM conception has been spreading in construction industry. Vietnamese investors and organisations taking part in construction investment recognised the benefits of applying BIM into their projects from conceptual design to construction management stage. BIM solutions are also mentioned at various of official colloquiums/ seminars, which are organised by Ministry of construction, Ministry of Transport, Ho Chi Minh Department of Transport…), consultant companies, universities and so on. They attracted experts, investors, project manager, contractor and consultants to joint, learn and give opinions.

At the beginning of approaching to Vietnam, BIM almost integrated into some foreign joint venture projects (foreign investors or hiring foreign consultants, foreign designer), but now, private local companies have started learning and implementing BIM because of its benefits. In the present, many investors have asked to integrate BIM in big investment projects such as: Vingroup, Vietinbank, Tuan Loc construction investment joint stock company and so on. The typical projects which integrate BIM effectively are Park Hill 6, Vietinbank tower, Cua Lo port, Thu Thiem 2 bridge, Nhon Trach 6 industrial zone Dong Nai,… According to research result with some projects, BIM application help investors shorten progress, save cost by optimizing construction scheduling and pre-fixing difficulties in construction stage; for example: detect and resolve over 1500 clashes in drawing before construction in Vietinbank tower project; optimize construction and installation progress in Cheeky factory project (invest by Procter & Gamble, SEA), shorten about 10% project duration, decrease 8% tasks of work and about 40% time to fix the changes at construction in Park Hill 6 project.
However, according to current estimation, almost investors of state budget projects are not ready for BIM integration into design and management process because there are so many barriers, especially in which is BIM instructions have yet legalized, that make consultants or investors meet difficulty in approving design, budget estimate, give total investment or investing decision.

1.1. BIM in field of consultant
In field of consultant, some consultant companies have learned BIM application into design process in various levels. BIM application for designing is almost for civil and industrial project, transport and infrastructure.
Beside traditional design consultant companies, there are more and more BIM consulting companies. These companies not only supply BIM services for investors, traditional design consulting companies and contractors but also role importantly in propagandizing, advancing BIM knowledge and improving BIM application in Vietnam construction industry, typically as: ViBIM, HSD Vietnam, Viasys VDC Vietnam…

1.2. BIM in field of  construction works
In field of  construction works, there are  some contractors leader integrate BIM into contracts to control  part of works, create method of construction sequencing, early detect and  resolve clashes between trades or increase value through shared information. They are typically as Hoa Binh construction and real estate corporation, CotecCons, Cofico, Agrimeco, Vinaconex, R.E.E, Thyssenkrupp, Doosan Vina, PTSC, Đại Dũng Steel, BMB Steel, Zamil Steel… BIM application in this field usually meet more difficulty than design consulting companies because of the  human resource competency in computer application maturity and speed of constructing condition on site, so it’s difficult to keep balance between new technology and real pratice.

1.3. BIM in field of training
In field of training, there are some training classes belonged to private training centers, internal training company department, have been instructing at some of universities such as: Civil construction university, transport university, Hanoi University of Science and Technology. However, most of training class is opening hand-on-coaching courses to train on BIM software function, they are not really focus on  an official BIM curriculumn or long term training degree. 
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