We have strong teams led by a company director, who has comprehensive knowledge in BIM of both theory and practice, and a high degree of interaction between teams, enabling us to offer a comprehensive and integrated range of services for a wide variety of projects in Hospital, University, Official Building, Factory, Airport,… 


We ensure to help you reduce costs 40-60% by harnessing a highly qualified work pool in Vietnam and improve project efficiency by streamlining workflows to provide high quality services.


ViBIM has been known as the pioneer of BIM developers in Vietnam. With all of reputation built in the time providing outsourcing BIM service for internationals and serving Expert for Vietnam national roadmap, we are confident to be trusted and strategic partner for architect and contractor companies in the worlds. 

BIM Services For Engineers

BIM is innovative technology for Structural engineers, mechanical engineers, plumping engineers, electrical engineers. We are your innovative partner offering multidisciplinary services for various domains across industries. Our BIM services for engineers include:

MEP BIM service

MEP BIM service is one of core services we are focusing on.
Our dedicated MEP team is selected according to their educational background and experience. We have 2 plumbing technician, an electrical technician, an HVAC technician, all of them graduated from National University of Civil Engineering and have at least 2 year experiences in MEP design. Our MEP BIM services include:
MEP modeling

HVAC modeling from 2D CAD drawing

HVAC modeling from 2D CAD 

We use Revit MEP to develop 3D model across all trades using level of development standard within industry specifications.

3D HVAC modeling - LOD 300

3D mechanical model

HVAC detail drawing

HVAC detail drawing

3D Plumbing System Model - LOD 300

3D plumbing modeling from 2D cad drawing

We use Revit software to model both wet and dry protection systems, and fire sprinklers and their piping.

We also help clients check for interferances and adjust the routing as needed to avoid conflicts, especially with sprinkler piping because it shares the ceiling space with many other building systems - structural elements, electrical wiring and lighting fixtures, and mechanical ductwork

Plumbing detail drawing

Plumbing detail drawing

-3D Electrical Model - LOD 300

3D Electrical modeling from 2D CAD drawing

-3D Fire protection model - LOD 350

3D fire protection modeling from 2D cad drawing

MEP coordination
  • Produce MEP shopdrawing
MEP shopdrawing
Our services will benefit a lot to MEP contractors and engineers. In the process of modeling and coordinate, we highlight clash and error in the MEP design to export the accurate documentation for the construction.

Structural BIM service

ViBIM is focusing on providing BIM structural service using Autodesk Revit and TEKLA technology.
We help structural engineers integrate BIM into project successfully even when they don’t have enough BIM competence by providing accurate details about the material and other requirements for the construction. ViBIM has extensive experiences in providing structural BIM services for various commercial projects, especially skyscrapers with complex structure system in Vietnam and US.
By gathering a lot of experiences from those projects, we have completed own process and RFIs for communicate more efficiently and ensure to avoid all of mistake or misunderstanding in working progress and update immediately changes or additional request as well. We capitalize on this proven technology to deliver high quality projects on time.
Our deliverables allow our clients to take off quantity and estimate cost accurately. We not only provide not only a realistic view of a building but also accurate and rich information of a building in order to give the engineer and other stake holder a clear and general perspective. Our structural BIM services include:
Rebar modelling
Rebar-structural modeling

Steel modelling
Structure model

structural Simulation model

Scan to BIM service

ViBIM delivers scan to BIM and point cloud to BIM services for clients in around the worlds. We convert point cloud data into information rich BIM models. We are currently focusing on developing services of 3D laser scanning and point cloud to BIM conversion and 3D BIM services for as-built environments.
Almost our clients come from USA, we have provided these services for many types of projects including: office building, gallery, university, hospital, oil factory in USA and many more.

In the office building project, this is a largen project scale about 30000sqf with 3 same structural building, we perform all of disciplines such as: Architecture, structure, MEP. Ensure that creating trade as-built model have to strictly apply by technical of as-built drawing document and existence of point cloud.

For the gallery project scale 1200sqf, we handling retrofit all of trade building and interior from model and point cloud data which client provided. The delivery model was resolved all of existing inconsistency, advance accuracy of as built model for client, especially in handling entwisted ceiling required the ability of using advanced modeling technique and tools in Revit.

Oil factory project a scalable project with mixture of MEP, Structure and ground. We were required creating actual model to capture accurate existing model of the oil factory in both ground surface and electric wive passed into intersection. Its object to simulate process on removing and replacing a major tower for retrofit plan of construction.

Our on-going project Laboratory Bld is a renovation project with a new building insert into 2 existing buildings scale 118,902 sf (2)106,200sf. Rather than coordinate this using site survey documents before construction and shop drawings alone or by constructing a 3D model from those documents, we performed a laser scan of the existing facility and are loading that scan file into Navisworks for use in the coordination and clash detection process. This will allow our subcontractors to pre-fabricate a greater percentage of their scope with confidence that there will be little re-work, and will help prevent any costly delays that might occur as a result of the new elements clashing with the existing building.

And other project you can view at here

Based on these projects, we are planning to leverage this solution on most projects and be confident in cutting-edge software and hardware equipment in order to process large amounts of data in the shortest possible time while keeping the high level of precision and quality. Converting point cloud scans is a demanding and long-lasting process. Working with us will provide you with added value and reduce cost from outsourcing “skilled resources”

Why our service?
Pointcloud to 3D service bring us many benefits. The biggest benefits you can talk to:

- Easy visualization. This is a visually appealing and easily transferable format for you and your clients. Some programs may also require a solid before clash detection techniques can be visualized.
- We may use solid models to determine the volume of certain objects such as a holding tak or stock pile. 3D printing is also a possible use for 3D models. Whether it's a manufactured piece or a scaled down version of a building, the solid model allows for easy transfer to 3D print format.
- Help compatible with all digital files and almost every latest BIM software supports it.
- Can export/import data in automated format for survey data
- Help you to read in survey data for as-built conditions and exporting design data for field verification
- Don't have to visit to site to measure so help to save time and money
- Help to get precise and flawless data, helps you find the production and construction problems at early stage.
- Give direct feedback to the development team from within the product

Using the BIM communication standard and Level of Detail (LOD) industry specifications as a guide, we will create Architecture & Structure & MEP 3D models and 3D coordinate between all of these disciplines of your projects based on the specificity required. We always ensure to deliver the best valid product for end users. These models aren’t just for show and tell – these are purpose-built models for construction quantities take off, schedules, and estimates.
As a contractor you provide us with existing construction plans, models, fabrication standards and/or all of disciplines (Architecture, Structure, MEP system specifications and our team will create a functional 3D model per the project level of detail (LOD) requirements.
The BIM’s Level of Detail (LOD), which defines how the 3D geometry of the building model can achieve different levels of refinement, is used as a measure of the service level required. We are now providing four LOD options ranging from 200 to 400.

Our service process
We follow a structured process to ensure we deliver the highest quality products to all of our customers:

3D BIM coordination and Clash Detection

ViBIM has provided this service to about 30 projects for almost clients in Vietnam and USA. With over 5 years experiences in researching on BIM and do various comprehensive projects, we can build our service process that engaged with specified requirements of each client based Autodesk engines soft-ware. Our team dedicate comprehensive trade construction help us enable to offer multidisciplinary services for various domains across industries
We provide 3D architecture, Structure and MEFP modeling services by Revit from construction drawings, which is integrated with building information elements specification and under engineer request design solution. We provided this solution to a hospital project with large investment in USA which has complex technical system, require the high accuracy and have the cooperation of many relating parties, help us complete our service process for this service. We make sure that production’s criteria suitable with design standard. With extensive experience in designing, implementing the BIM projects, we are able to meet every requirement, definitely comply with design standard. Make sure that output data always meet professional technical requirements and methods of drawing representation.
Our service help resolve hardly troubles in shopdrawing documentation before construction. For detailed, we provide bellowed services:
We create single model for each separate disciplines and then integrate them into one 3D coordination that allow all of project stake holders to access and detect errors in the design drawing for adjustment early
- Clashes Detection
Clash avoidance is a key part of the design and construction process. Clashes detection is to pre-check and avoid clashes design and pre-construction stage, see these conflicts ahead of time and fixing them is critical to a smooth installation once the project is underway. . Reviewing and cancelling these clashes in the design is a key part of the BIM process. With this service, ViBIM helped to resolve various big projects in both Vietnam and USA such as Viettin bank tower (Hanoi, Vietnam), CHH hospital in USA…
- Shop-drawings
After running clashes detection and fix all of errors in the design drawing, we help contractors produce exact shop-drawing for construction.
3D coordination

4D Simulation Service

4D simulation model is to help contractor to plan and visualize construction methods especially in complex areas enable all of stake holders to clear method and construction sequence and thus reduce risks and accident at the work site.
Based on understanding extensively from field to BIM, we’ve provided 4D simulation services for 2 customers in USA and our product keep confidence from them.
Our in-depth experience in working with various AEC groups and companies has enabled us to come up with highly reliable services on a consistent level. We are really proud of that.
We provide this service by below standardize process:
  1. Collect and analyze all the relevant data associated with construction and project planning (project schedule, 3D models…)
  2. Meeting with construction planning team for more information used to come up with competent 4D simulation services
  3. Once we receive the data required for project planning, our technical team changes the various aspects of the 3D Revit model geometry. We then use this model and export data from it to the 4D simulation.
4d simulation service
Our product is a 4D Naviswork Simulation video with timelines based BIM. This help:
  • To create perfect synchronization of the construction planning and the design
  • To simulate and track construction progress help reduce redundancy time, hence ensure project schedule.
  • Evaluate the delays and differences associated with the progress and make all the necessary changes.
  • Find out the best construction solutions and smoothest procurement with the various design and construction processes

Bellow is one of our sample product for this service:

BIM Quantity Takeoff

Quantity takeoff is utilized as part of the construction process from design to as-built stage for almost of BIM objects: General Contractor, Subcontractor, Owner (Investor), Cost consultant, Quantity Survey…
They use it for counting the number of items associated with a particular construction project, determining the associated materials and labor costs, and formulating a bid (or estimate) as part of the bidding process. Quantity takeoff is also applied to the pricing process. This can be used for various purposes - initial pricing, bidding, cost impact of changes made to the model etc.
We provide BIM oriented estimating solution that can produce the quantity takeoff automatically based on the calculation criteria set by the estimator and product the estimators a unified platform for easily reviewing a BIM model in both 2D and 3D view. At the same time it has the ability to further take off the quantities into estimating assemblies and items, with a breakdown of construction materials, equipment, and subcontractor costs.
Quantity Take off
As the model gets the information about all the objects in the building as well as their dimensions the Quantity Take off can easily produce necessary information within a very short period

Shop Drawing service

Shop drawings are detailed construction and fabrication drawings produced by the contractor, supplier, manufacturer, subcontractor or fabricator under their contract with the owner that show the proposed material, shape, size, and assembly of the parts and how the system/unit would be installed.
All of building components or construction works at the site require shop drawing, such as: shop drawing for elevators, granite finishing, cabinets and countertops, structural steel, precast concrete, windows, appliances, … As well as critical are the installation and coordination shop drawings of the MEP trades such as sheet metal ductwork, piping, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical
Because of using as construction “instruction” at the site, shop drawing must ensure the highest accuracy; otherwise it can cause a large of lost for adjustment or rework. Therefor the design drawings have to coordinated and issue all of clashes for error-free after export to shop drawing for construction. We will help client highlight clashes in the time of submission and check each shop drawing for precise measurements and for compliance with the intended building design.
As well as shop drawing show more detail than the construction documents. Shop drawings for construction require at least of LOD 350 help contractor:
-Understand how to construct and installation all of works at the site
-Request and approval materials
-Do acceptance of construction work for ending project
Shop drawings for fabrication require at least of LOD 400 that enable to explain the fabrication and/or installation of the items to the manufacturer’s production crew or contractor's installation crews. The style of shop drawing is usually very different from that off the architect’s drawing. The shop drawing’s primary emphasis is on the particular product or installation and excludes notation concerning other products and installations, unless integration with the subject product is necessary.
Our Shop Drawings are dynamically generated from Revit models and any change in the model is reflected in the shop drawings automatically. Our services focus on:
-Architecture shop drawing
We help contractors and fabricators to produce shop drawing for architectural components, such as: curtain wall, Windows, Storefront, Façade, Landscape, flat slab, Stair,… Our productions apply strictly with manufacturer’s standard and recommendation of software vender.
-MEP shop drawing
We produce trades MEP shop drawing or each MEP components to facilitate the on-site installation and workshop fabrication, including:
+ Electrical shop drawing
Our electrical shop drawing produced as generated from Electrical design model including switchboards, distribution board, distribution boards and control boards that we will use that model to make installation drawing by adding support systems or modifying dimensions and coordinating with other concerns like cable trays, conduit and other elements. We ensure our product will be most accurate, consist fully of necessary information for assemble like and apply all of clients’ requirements and standards
+ HVAC shop drawing
We provide HVAC shop drawing for Commercial & Residential Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning which show information on Plans, Elevations, Sections & Piping and Plumbing shop drawing
+ Shop drawing machine
+ Shop drawing drainage
shop drawing

The shop drawings created by ViBIM apply strictly with manufacturer’s standard and illustrate the physical appearance of the structures, connections between system, equipment, and on-site changes. We offer tailored shop drawing service to particular demands and requirements of client.
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