2D to 3D BIM Conversion service

As you know, the concept of collaborative working within the platform of 3D is becoming more and more popular through the years.

A BIM 3D with sufficient information help to share data and construction information with much easy and efficiency; however, the process of converting a 2D drawing into a 3D model is labor- intensive that require an available team to handle and the method of conversion can be time consuming. It takes a fair amount of expertise and requires the in-depth and comprehensive knowledge in technical building standard and composition. That is the key reason of outsource 2D to 3D conversion service.

If you are small and medium design consultancy firm or contractor and don’t have the time or the knowledge to use your existing 2D design data to help create new designs, try using a 2D to 3D BIM/Revit conversion company. Outsourcing 2D to 3D conversiontakes a lot of overhead load off and mitigate pressure of investing on software, updating version, and expensive engineering labor in USA, UK , Europe or Australia. We have strong, professional and full-time team organized as a company. Our team dedicate full of disciplines (Architecture, MEP, Structure) and specializing in reading and analyzing CAD drawing, which led by a company director who has comprehensive knowledge in BIM of both theory and practice. Our team well-serve in understanding building technical standards which have been gathered into experience in implementing various projects in USA and building configuration by reading the 2D drawing, and converting them to 3D Revit model.

Clients provide us 2D Design and Construction drawings, which only include building physical geometry. We will use Revit to convert into 3D model. Based on client’s requirement, we also report mistakes detection on the 2D design drawing in the progress of 3D modeling and highlight the existing clashes for review at the time of 3D Model submission.
We not only help you optimizing cost with the highest commitment on quality and schedule , expert 2D CAD - 3D BIM/Revit conversion, but we are meticulous about the "I," or information, and we make sure we have it set up to your specifications. We can convert your AutoCAD files or PDF/TIF files to a BIM and create composition and specification within a trade building model quickly and accurately. We utilize the latest standards and techniques in 2D to 3D conversions to develop your CAD projects and plan a lean and clear model that comply by quality standard of our current US and UK clients. This BIM technology allows you to make changes and updates throughout a project's lifecycle.
2d to 3d bim conversion process
Our products help you:
- Reduce Overhead cost
- Extent production team at any work load presents itself
- Keep international quality standard as your firm need
- High commitment on deliverables
Whether you are contractor or design consultancy,our 2D to 3D conversion service will proper to you getting the attention to detail and accelerate collaborative decision making. With the highest guarantee of being your trustworthy, reliable outsourcing partner, our mission is to help you create your advantage to compete and keep up with global construction trend.

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