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Shop Drawing service

Shop drawings are detailed construction and fabrication drawings produced by the contractor, supplier, manufacturer, subcontractor or fabricator under their contract with the owner that show the proposed material, shape, size, and assembly of the parts and how the system/unit would be installed.
All of building components or construction works at the site require shop drawing, such as: shop drawing for elevators, granite finishing, cabinets and countertops, structural steel, precast concrete, windows, appliances, … As well as critical are the installation and coordination shop drawings of the MEP trades such as sheet metal ductwork, piping, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical
Because of using as construction “instruction” at the site, shop drawing must ensure the highest accuracy; otherwise it can cause a large of lost for adjustment or rework. Therefor the design drawings have to coordinated and issue all of clashes for error-free after export to shop drawing for construction. We will help client highlight clashes in the time of submission and check each shop drawing for precise measurements and for compliance with the intended building design.
As well as shop drawing show more detail than the construction documents. Shop drawings for construction require at least of LOD 350 help contractor:
-Understand how to construct and installation all of works at the site
-Request and approval materials
-Do acceptance of construction work for ending project
Shop drawings for fabrication require at least of LOD 400 that enable to explain the fabrication and/or installation of the items to the manufacturer’s production crew or contractor's installation crews. The style of shop drawing is usually very different from that off the architect’s drawing. The shop drawing’s primary emphasis is on the particular product or installation and excludes notation concerning other products and installations, unless integration with the subject product is necessary.
Our Shop Drawings are dynamically generated from Revit models and any change in the model is reflected in the shop drawings automatically. Our services focus on:
-Architecture shop drawing
We help contractors and fabricators to produce shop drawing for architectural components, such as: curtain wall, Windows, Storefront, Façade, Landscape, flat slab, Stair,… Our productions apply strictly with manufacturer’s standard and recommendation of software vender.
-MEP shop drawing
We produce trades MEP shop drawing or each MEP components to facilitate the on-site installation and workshop fabrication, including:
+ Electrical shop drawing
Our electrical shop drawing produced as generated from Electrical design model including switchboards, distribution board, distribution boards and control boards that we will use that model to make installation drawing by adding support systems or modifying dimensions and coordinating with other concerns like cable trays, conduit and other elements. We ensure our product will be most accurate, consist fully of necessary information for assemble like and apply all of clients’ requirements and standards
+ HVAC shop drawing
We provide HVAC shop drawing for Commercial & Residential Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning which show information on Plans, Elevations, Sections & Piping and Plumbing shop drawing
+ Shop drawing machine
+ Shop drawing drainage
shop drawing

The shop drawings created by ViBIM apply strictly with manufacturer’s standard and illustrate the physical appearance of the structures, connections between system, equipment, and on-site changes. We offer tailored shop drawing service to particular demands and requirements of client.
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