We have strong teams led by a company director, who has comprehensive knowledge in BIM of both theory and practice, and a high degree of interaction between teams, enabling us to offer a comprehensive and integrated range of services for a wide variety of projects in Hospital, University, Official Building, Factory, Airport,… 


We ensure to help you reduce costs 40-60% by harnessing a highly qualified work pool in Vietnam and improve project efficiency by streamlining workflows to provide high quality services.


ViBIM has been known as the pioneer of BIM developers in Vietnam. With all of reputation built in the time providing outsourcing BIM service for internationals and serving Expert for Vietnam national roadmap, we are confident to be trusted and strategic partner for architect and contractor companies in the worlds. 

3D BIM coordination and Clash Detection

ViBIM has provided this service to about 30 projects for almost clients in Vietnam and USA. With over 5 years experiences in researching on BIM and do various comprehensive projects, we can build our service process that engaged with specified requirements of each client based Autodesk engines soft-ware. Our team dedicate comprehensive trade construction help us enable to offer multidisciplinary services for various domains across industries
We provide 3D architecture, Structure and MEFP modeling services by Revit from construction drawings, which is integrated with building information elements specification and under engineer request design solution. We provided this solution to a hospital project with large investment in USA which has complex technical system, require the high accuracy and have the cooperation of many relating parties, help us complete our service process for this service. We make sure that production’s criteria suitable with design standard. With extensive experience in designing, implementing the BIM projects, we are able to meet every requirement, definitely comply with design standard. Make sure that output data always meet professional technical requirements and methods of drawing representation.
Our service help resolve hardly troubles in shopdrawing documentation before construction. For detailed, we provide bellowed services:
We create single model for each separate disciplines and then integrate them into one 3D coordination that allow all of project stake holders to access and detect errors in the design drawing for adjustment early
- Clashes Detection
Clash avoidance is a key part of the design and construction process. Clashes detection is to pre-check and avoid clashes design and pre-construction stage, see these conflicts ahead of time and fixing them is critical to a smooth installation once the project is underway. . Reviewing and cancelling these clashes in the design is a key part of the BIM process. With this service, ViBIM helped to resolve various big projects in both Vietnam and USA such as Viettin bank tower (Hanoi, Vietnam), CHH hospital in USA…
- Shop-drawings
After running clashes detection and fix all of errors in the design drawing, we help contractors produce exact shop-drawing for construction.
3D coordination


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