Founded by an enthusiasm architect with over 15 year experiences on study and practice various architecture projects in US, UK, Vietnam and Asia, we understand and deal with any specific BIM standard and requirement.


We ensure to help you reduce costs 40-60% by harnessing a highly qualified work pool in Vietnam and improve project efficiency by streamlining workflows to provide high quality services.


ViBIM has been known as the pioneer of BIM developers in Vietnam. With all of reputation built in the time providing outsourcing BIM service for internationals and serving Expert for Vietnam national roadmap, we are confident to be trusted and strategic partner for architect and contractor companies in the worlds.

Architectural BIM Service

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has quickly become a staple part of global architecture design processes. We have a lot of experience in modeling and detailing Revit Architecture model and 2D documentation. With our extensive experience and collaboration process we’ve gathered from many complex projects, we are confident to have knowledge on building codes and Local Authoring Building in US and UK, participate into project as a contractor and communicate smoothly enable to solve all of trouble related with quality of job. Our clients select us to make a positive impact on their business with collaborative design and a deep commitment to their success. Our architectural BIM services include:

Architectural BIM modeling

ViBIM has a lot of experiences in modeling Revit Architecture model from 2D .cad drawing and point cloud laser scan. As well as, we would be able to do any type of shape and parametric model component. We provide model of LOD from 200 to 450, according to design phase and specific client's requirement.
  • Trial

We are willing to work with international architecture design firm and dealing with specific BIM standard and requirement. Some recognizable end-client we have been supported such as: Google, Genetech, Turner.

architectural bim modelling
We have opportunities to collaborate with various complex BIM projects in the US and UK that help us approach BIM and Architectural local standard, and coordination process as well. Besides that, ViBIM’s director also is now serving as an Expert Member of Board of Expert for Vietnam national BIM roadmap and he has been working with EU BIM Task Group to approach UK BIM technology. Therefore, we would apply strictly BIM UK Level 2 standards and local practice architecture and design.
We collaborate with our clients by below process:
Architectural bim modelling process
  • Input: Clients send us the checklist 2D drawing by autoCAD, sketch up or even hand drawing
  • Then ViBIM will analyze detailed client’s requirement and assist on professional service
  • RFI- Request For Information of clients
  • Create sample for the required LOD to ensure that 2 parts are having a general understanding on all of requirements
  • Execute all of scope of work according to agreed schedule
  • Internal QA & QC by checklist of ViBIM or client
  • Model submission and waiting responsive from clients
  • Fix the models and delivery end product
How BIM impact to the architectural design firms and why ViBIM is right partner for your company?

With the small and medium size entrepreneurs, BIM will help them create competitive advantage and acquire cost benefit in long-term, though BIM calls for extensive training, costs a pretty penny.
To transform to BIM efficiently and quickly, outsource is the best solution for so many architectural design and consultancy firms, especially in the countries where are lacking engineer pool and have expensive investment like the US, UK, Australia and other developing countries.
However, outsource is double-edged sword as well, it can damage all of your reputation and defamatory you have built till now, even you can lost project, lost client since missing deadline, products have low quality. In other hand, not only don’t save any cost, but also you need to pay a lot to run a workforce to manage outsource system and QA/ QC and even rework the stuff they created. To avoid unworthy risks in the outsource progress; you should have strategic process to filter the good and suitable partners.
We understand competition and reputation in outsource industry are more intense and important than any other industries or areas. You will almost never be awarded the next contract if you meet mistake just only 1 time.
There are some reasons helping us succeed and they are reasons why you should choose ViBIM to be companion:

Process for the first time of collaboration

With the first time collaboration, we will suggest to set up an online call to understand fulfill information from both of parts, from that, our clients also easily have initial estimations for: professional consultancy, language skill, understanding on workflow, and how to solve with the detailed issues in the time of implementation.
The next step is trial project: to be familiar to process and approach deeply to requirements of product’s quality and style of estimation, we will do some trial unpaid projects to complete process between 2 parts.
Of course, we are ready to sign NDA agreement before receiving all of design drawings.
After trial projects, 2 parts reevaluate about process, rate hour and quality of service and product, standard… to come up the commercial projects
With above process, we hope that can help 2 parts avoid risks in practical, especially with the long-term partnership.

The geographical distance is just advantage

We help clients utilize the advantage of time difference in situations when upload/ download files, maintenance check file, QA/QC and other works are best done at night to maximize implementation time. We understand that sending job to over sea is so risky and concerned, therefore we will reassure clients from detail to detail like reply mail as soon as possible in anytime, assign a person to be in charge of project…
The detailed architectural BIM modeling we provide including:
We provide Interior modeling service for clients who are commercial interior design companies in over the world. We will help our client:
  • Transform 2D interior drawing to 3D BIM Revit model
  • Ability to work with clients’ template
  • Secure and confidential communication
  • Façade modeling service
We have extensive skill base and capabilities in Façade BIM which allows us to execute complex façade street and curtain wall. Our core clients include construction firms, architects, product designers, general contractors and manufacturers.
  • Landscape modeling service
Landscape model

With this service we will give you the ability to place plants and soft cape throughout the landscape of the 3D model, and even see your landscape ideas come to life as you view your garden from the balcony of your own house. Even better, you can walk through your newly designed landscape to get an in-depth perspective of how your future landscape, garden, or pool will look and feel, a perspective you could never achieve with 2D software.

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Architectural Documentation service

We provide the high detailed level recordation architecture documentation with all of architectural components. Our products help clients record and analyze architectural details in order to create drawing sheets which highly synchronized design information from 2D lines, to tags annotation and schedule.
We have opportunities to collaborate with various complex BIM projects in the US and UK that help us approach BIM and Architectural local standard, and coordination process as well. Besides that, ViBIM’s director also is now serving as an Expert Member of Board of Expert for Vietnam national BIM roadmap and he has been working with EU BIM Task Group to approach UK BIM technology. Therefore, we would apply strictly BIM UK Level 2 standards and local practice architecture and design. We ensure to maximize client value by adopting the latest technologies and innovations and save time for outsourcing partner by using oversea staff to leverage time zone advantage
Architecture BIM drawing

3D Virtual Reality

Transform 3D Revit model/ point cloud to Virtual Reality environment is so labor- intensive and time consuming a lot that require an available team to handle. We have great opportunity to provide this service for a large in-built hospital in San Francisco, USA and help our client accelerate time for making decision to ensure project schedule.
BIM designed model can be visualized under the reality view by Virtual Reality glass technology, you can see on smartphone, gear VR or Oculus Rift. The ability of review conceptual space design is raised onto new generation, help the viewer put themselves into reality space dimensions, controls their view and understands more about solution design. . Especially, VR application in BIM model helps expand ability of integration BIM value chain and advance users benefit.

Virtual Reality workflow
Our customer: design consultants, architectural design firms, contractors
Application phase: Conceptual Design
Our services:
We will apply materials, lighting to Revit model and visualize design environment illustration to meet what designer required. These models can be from conceptual architecture, interior design or trades model after coordinate.
Customer will receive a native Revit file full of setting or a link to access stereo panorama which can be seen VR by smartphone
By experiences in outsourcing this service to a large scale projects in USA, we believe that our service can support very well to designers need. The use of virtual, augmented and mixed reality allows construction teams to better visualize and simulate construction details and sequences.
Bellow is the 360 degree Stereo Panorama images of project hospital in USA:
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