MEP BIM coordination

MEP BIM coordination service is one of our core skills and best popular services we have provided for MEP consulting engineer, project managers and MEP contractors in Vietnam and the USA.

We provide 3D MEP BIM model that coordinate all of building system (mechanic, HVAC, Plumb, Electricity system,…) and create MEP system into 3D environment with other disciplines (Architecture, Structure, Steel,…)
Hospital 02
Based on 2D design documentation, we use Revit MEP to create MEP model and clash detection technology by Autodesk Naviswork. With our extensive experiences in MEP coordination for various projects in office building, Tech building, Factory, Hospital, University, airport…, we not only prevent conflicts by automatic technology but also integrate consult standard design solution on MEP system that match with architecture and structure elements. Our last product is the shopdrawing exported from accurate MEP design for construction.

Our service helps clients:
  • The MEP 3D model help investors and others who don’t work as engineering, can easily visualize building systems design.
  • It allows us to ensure all of clashes had been resolved before construction.
  • It allows us to model and represent all mechanical components/kit accurately (unlike 2D CAD drawings) and therefore ensures that spatial issues are addressed before getting to site.
  • Prevents site-based delays and disputes as all services have already been proven to work within the building.
  • Accelerate approval and make decision (compared with 2D drawings alone, the 3D model allows our clients to view detailed areas in a 3D environment).
  • Produce number of views, sections and drawing easily and quickly

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