BIM Conference: BIM Implementation in construction and facility management activities in Vietnam

In September 28th, The Institute of Construction Economics (ICE), the Ministry of Construction (MoC), and the standing agency of BIM Steering Committee have enlisted Autodesk to drive BIM awareness and application in construction and facility management activities in accordance with the prime minister’s Decision No.2500/QD-TTg dated December 22, 2016 and the action plan of MoC.

The Conference was attracted over 200 attendances, who involve with all of sectors in construction industry, including: owners, contractors, consultancies, experts, software vendors,…
The BIM Steering Committee, led by MoC's Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung, comprises of 14 representatives from MoC, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

BIM conference Vietnam
The first, to be implemented in 2017-2019, is raising awareness and encouraging companies to explore BIM implementation.
Accordingly, the authority will conduct a survey and assess current investments in construction, operating the management of buildings in Vietnam and formulate temporary BIM guidance for pilot implementation.
The BIM Steering Committee will develop a framework and training materials for BIM training, seminars and workshops to improve BIM capabilities for construction organizations, project management units, project owners, and consulting companies.
Simultaneously, the committee will carry out research and propose solutions to improve regulations on construction investment, quality assurance, and construction maintenance, in accordance with BIM standards.
BIM conference Vietnam
The second phase (2018-2020) will implement and evaluate BIM in pilot projects. Accordingly, the temporary BIM guidelines will be applied in at least 20 Class I and above construction projects for design, construction, and project management, and in at least 10 projects in the stage of facility management.
Investors, project management committees, consultancy organisations, and construction contractors will receive consultation to overcome challenges during the BIM utilisation process.
“Vietnam’s growth in the building and construction industry will be further accelerated with the adoption of BIM. Successful implementation begins with the right framework, technology and training. We have supported many governments on this journey and are committed to helping Vietnam’s BIM Steering Committee achieve its goals,” said Daniel Green, Asia-Pacific and the Caribbean director of Government Affairs of Autodesk.
In addition, other speakers also have meaningful speeches in regard to implement BIM in practical projects and organizations, what BIM application impacted on their projects and business. The representation from Vietnamese deputation companies like Coteccons – General Contractor, VNCC – Design consultancy, Turner Vietnam – Project Management, Synetic and ViBIM – BIM consultancy,…have shared experiences in BIM implication on their projects. Some typical projects are The Landmark 81, Thu Thiem Bridge, Cam Ranh Airport, and garage of National Assemble Building. Through these projects, they have realized and resumed achievement and disability of BIM. About achievements, BIM helped mitigate reworks and mistakes on the construction site, meet contract schedule and cost, especially with the complicated project as The Landmark 81, the highest skyscraper in Vietnam upon 2018. The BIM manager of Coteccons said that they don’t have to model all of components; they only model the basement and transfer floors, which have complicated structure. Till now, thanks BIM, this project is on time and meeting all requirements to the biggest owner, Vingroup.

For the disability, almost speakers consider that in Vietnam, people and standard are cumbered with BIM development. In fact that, the folks who involve with construction projects, get use to work in old progress, with 2D platform and experience, don’t have any general standard which bind upon all into a frame. BIM definition only stop at modeling work, the models have been not utilized and coordinated comprehensively. These are reason why BIM is difficult to widen in not only Vietnam, but in the other countries in worldwide. According to the above opinions, BIM Steering Committee will acknowledge and standardize locally to Vietnam.
Mr. Pham Thanh – Director of ViBIM also presented all of BIM solutions for Vietnam projects and he also introduced 2 new BIM technologies for Vietnam, they are Electrical Drawing Management and Data Transformation in the Cloud Solution. With long-experiences in BIM consultant in Vietnam and BIM outsource for big countries like USA, UK, Australia, we have opportunities to approach to the newest technologies in the world which have implemented successfully and widely and get actual benefits. We will research and modify them to appropriate with particularity of Vietnam. Our first products are solutions of BIM to field, they will help us extend the detail rich, virtual design build data created in the office--down to field level systems for interpretation and precise delivery of these design elements in order to more efficiently and accurately meet the overall project needs.
The third phase (from 2021 onwards) is the nationwide BIM roll-out. Accordingly, based on the evaluation of the pilot implementation results, MoC will issue detailed guidelines for the wide application of BIM in construction and facility management.
VIBIM present at Vietnam BIM Conference
Applying BIM will contribute to improving the productivity, quality, and efficiency of investment in construction and facility management, and will serve as a central solution to approach Construction Industry 4.0.

Author: Quynh Pham