Bach Mai Golf

Project type: Sport 
Location: Hanoi Vietnam
Scale: Training Golf field
Scope of work: Laser scan 3D, modeling from design drawing, deformation and tolerance check 
Status: completed

In the middle of 2015, Hanoi was heavily affected by a storm. It damaged infrastructures and buildings, in which was Bach Mai Golf. Strong wind curved and entwisted steel columns around of the fence where spread net. This deformation can caused dangerous, so investor need define displacements level in order to set renovation plan.

Bachmai golf
Bach Mai Golf apave - point
It’s so difficult to use traditional measurement to define the displacement of steel columns with tiny and deformed elements. Therefore, ViBIM applied 3D laser scanning and BIM to capture accurately existing structures in 3D, then compare structure model in design condition to match with existing point cloud to define deformation area, position and dimension of the displacement.

Bach Mai Golf apave
Bach Mai Golf apave

Thanks for detailed section drawing, investor had the best resolve and handling plan.