Parametric air valve terminal Revit family

Project type: Air Terminal
Location: Vietnam
Scale: HVAC system       
Scope of work: create a smart parametric family base on Producer specification 
Status: Completed
This is an Air terminal family which handling to smart Revit parametric family for the offer of Manufacture of Plant. 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Painting: Powder coated white or other colours on request
  • Feature:
- Frame thick: 1mm standard (0.8 or 1.2mm on request)
- Used for indoor on the ceiling installation
- Long distance air supply with less noise, which are mainly used in the superior places where hot/cold air supply is required. The outlets can be regulated by hand to meet the change of the temperature

This family is nested one, combine serveral family types, allowed user easily select necessary category for design purpose. Our 3D model product high valued for customer because it expressed all complex structure and technical equipment and handle effectively for project.

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