Scan to BIM service

ViBIM delivers scan to BIM and point cloud to BIM services for clients in around the worlds. We convert point cloud data into information rich BIM models. We are currently focusing on developing services of 3D laser scanning and point cloud to BIM conversion and 3D BIM services for as-built environments.
Almost our clients come from USA, we have provided these services for many types of projects including: office building, gallery, university, hospital, oil factory in USA and many more.

In the office building project, this is a largen project scale about 30000sqf with 3 same structural building, we perform all of disciplines such as: Architecture, structure, MEP. Ensure that creating trade as-built model have to strictly apply by technical of as-built drawing document and existence of point cloud.

For the gallery project scale 1200sqf, we handling retrofit all of trade building and interior from model and point cloud data which client provided. The delivery model was resolved all of existing inconsistency, advance accuracy of as built model for client, especially in handling entwisted ceiling required the ability of using advanced modeling technique and tools in Revit.

Oil factory project a scalable project with mixture of MEP, Structure and ground. We were required creating actual model to capture accurate existing model of the oil factory in both ground surface and electric wive passed into intersection. Its object to simulate process on removing and replacing a major tower for retrofit plan of construction.

Our on-going project Laboratory Bld is a renovation project with a new building insert into 2 existing buildings scale 118,902 sf (2)106,200sf. Rather than coordinate this using site survey documents before construction and shop drawings alone or by constructing a 3D model from those documents, we performed a laser scan of the existing facility and are loading that scan file into Navisworks for use in the coordination and clash detection process. This will allow our subcontractors to pre-fabricate a greater percentage of their scope with confidence that there will be little re-work, and will help prevent any costly delays that might occur as a result of the new elements clashing with the existing building.

And other project you can view at here

Based on these projects, we are planning to leverage this solution on most projects and be confident in cutting-edge software and hardware equipment in order to process large amounts of data in the shortest possible time while keeping the high level of precision and quality. Converting point cloud scans is a demanding and long-lasting process. Working with us will provide you with added value and reduce cost from outsourcing “skilled resources”

Why our service?
Pointcloud to 3D service bring us many benefits. The biggest benefits you can talk to:

- Easy visualization. This is a visually appealing and easily transferable format for you and your clients. Some programs may also require a solid before clash detection techniques can be visualized.
- We may use solid models to determine the volume of certain objects such as a holding tak or stock pile. 3D printing is also a possible use for 3D models. Whether it's a manufactured piece or a scaled down version of a building, the solid model allows for easy transfer to 3D print format.
- Help compatible with all digital files and almost every latest BIM software supports it.
- Can export/import data in automated format for survey data
- Help you to read in survey data for as-built conditions and exporting design data for field verification
- Don't have to visit to site to measure so help to save time and money
- Help to get precise and flawless data, helps you find the production and construction problems at early stage.
- Give direct feedback to the development team from within the product

Using the BIM communication standard and Level of Detail (LOD) industry specifications as a guide, we will create Architecture & Structure & MEP 3D models and 3D coordinate between all of these disciplines of your projects based on the specificity required. We always ensure to deliver the best valid product for end users. These models aren’t just for show and tell – these are purpose-built models for construction quantities take off, schedules, and estimates.
As a contractor you provide us with existing construction plans, models, fabrication standards and/or all of disciplines (Architecture, Structure, MEP system specifications and our team will create a functional 3D model per the project level of detail (LOD) requirements.
The BIM’s Level of Detail (LOD), which defines how the 3D geometry of the building model can achieve different levels of refinement, is used as a measure of the service level required. We are now providing four LOD options ranging from 200 to 400.

Our service process
We follow a structured process to ensure we deliver the highest quality products to all of our customers: