Virtual Reality Service To Advance BIM

Virtual Reality is estimated that models service for future and rapidly changing construction industry. Using their creativity, our developers and level designers use the newest virtual reality engines to produce interactive environments for the engineering, architecture, and construction industries.

Our services: 
BIM designed model can be visualized under the reality view by Virtual Reality (VR) glass technology, you can see on smartphone, gear VR or Oculus Rift. This service can be used for all of stage in construction life circle, as it brings so various benefits.
VR for Marketing and design
The ability of review conceptual space design is raised onto new generation, help the viewer put themselves into reality space dimensions, controls their view and understands more about solution design. It make increase effectively communication between designers and customers. VR is also the new trend marketing in property industry that can open up more opportunities for salesman to win in their business. 
VR at pre-construction
Especially, VR application in BIM model helps expand ability of integration BIM value chain. If you start embracing VR in the design and building process, we began seeing faster project approvals, increased positive client interactions and higher client satisfaction. Making any type of changes once a building is under construction is extremely expensive and time-consuming .  By using VR technology, we offer clients the ability to make changes virtually for free well before actual construction has begun. 
VR for improving constructability
As much as early decision making, improving constructability is an important aspect for time and cost saving in construction. We provide general contractors with a VR glasses with Virtual Mock‐ups (3D models) or mobile devices with 3D models/3D Shop drawings/3D PDFs for critical points or complicated area. Then contractors can easily preview the completed condition of certain rooms with 3D models or check the constructability by viewing 3D shop drawings with these devices. On the contrast of the traditional way of thumbing through page by page of drawing set, 3D data is helping contractors, sub‐contractors to understand the area where they are about to work, precisely .
Our workflow:
We will apply materials, lighting to Revit model and visualize design environment illustration to meet what designer required. These models can be from conceptual architecture, interior design or trades model after coordinate.
Customer will receive a native Revit file full of setting or a link to access stereo panorama which can be seen VR by smartphone

VR service workflow

We are providing this service for a large hospital in USA.

VR patient room sample 

In healthcare, operating room’s layout of all equipment is followed by surgeon’s specific operating procedures. Since the layout of equipment are dictating where MEP system such as gas pipes, ducts, wires, should be, as well, during installation. Therefore, inspecting the rooms with Virtual mock‐ups and making all related‐decisions in advance is very crucial and became very important process during construction. Early decision making by owners will help narrow down a number of change orders and it will save construction period.

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