The method to calculate cost of BIM consultant into pilot BIM project contracts

According to the temporary guild for BIM application in pilot period of Vietnamese national BIM roadmap, which is published in October 11st 2017 by Ministry of Construction, the cost of BIM consultant will be determined as following (this has just applied for pilot period, may be not appropriate for all case studies):

Cost of BIM consultant Cbc= Cs + Ca + Co + I + VAT + Cc




Unit  (VND/ USD)



Cost for Specialist





Administrative Cost

50% / 55% x ( Cs)




Other cost





Income before tax

6% x (Cs + Ca)




Value Added Tax

% x (Cs+Ca+ I + Co)




Cost Contigency

% x (Cs+Ca+ Co+ I +VAT)




Tổng cộng:

Cs+ Ca+ C+ I + VAT + Cc



In which:

a) Cost for Specialist (Cs) calculated by the number, working time and salary of specialists

- The number and working time of BIM specialists (including architect, engineer,…): shall be determined according to the detailed requirement on content, schedule of each BIM consultant work, as well as qualification and position of each BIM specialist…

- The salaries of specialist shall be determined on the basis of the specialists' salary in the labor market or the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, War invalids and Social Affairs, which is corresponding to the qualifications and experience of the specialists.

b) Administrative Cost (Ca): including all of overhead cost and salaries of manager. Administrative cost is accounted by 50-55% of the cost for specialist.

c) Other cost (Co): including stationery costs; expenses for depreciation of equipment and software; Expenses for conferences, seminars and other expenses (if any).

- Expenses for conferences and seminars: shall be accounted on the basis of necessity of each kind of consultancy work.

- Expenses for stationery: Estimated on the basis of necessary stationary needs for specified consultancy work.

- Expenses for depreciation of equipment and software: Estimated according to demand, quantity of equipment, time using equipment and software to perform consultancy work. Equipment price is determined by popular market rate, depreciation rate of equipment is determined according to current regulations.

- Other expenses (if any): according to requirement of each consultant work.

d) Income before tax: shall be estimated by 6% of total cost for expert and administration

e) Value Added Tax (VAT): according to the current regulation (by 10% of total cost for consultant, administration, other cost and Income before tax)

f) Cost contingency (Cc): the known–unknown expense properly overruns in the consultant time. The cost contingency mustn’t exceed 10% of the total above expenses.

Cost of BIM consultant for Design Stages

You can see on the below table:

- The cost of BIM consultant in the below table helps Employer, consultant firm and other related organization can refer to estimate consultant cost within total investment.

- The cost of BIM consultant in the below apply for scope of works: 3D modeling and 3D BIM coordination from 2D drawing for entire building (exclude modeling detailed equipment)

- The cost of BIM consultant in the below determines by investment rate of project or building or the construction tender package required BIM.

- The cost of BIM consultant in the below including: Cost for Consultant, Administrative cost, other expense (including professional liability insurance) and taxable income.

Construction cost (before VAT) (billion Dong)           

Construction cost (before VAT) (billion Dong)           








Apply for conceptual design phase

100 - 200

150 - 300

250 - 500

450 - 750

600 - 900

800 - 1.200

1.000 - 1.400

Apply for detailed design phase

200 - 400

300 - 700

600 - 1.000

900 - 1.800

1.700 - 2.800

2.100 - 3.500

2.300 - 4.000

Apply for construction document phase 


300 - 500

400 - 800

700 - 1.200

1.100 - 2.000

1.900 - 3.300

2.800 - 4.000

3.000 - 4.500


- Cost of BIM consultant in the table below determines the BIM consultant job that was implemented in the first time of each design step. In the case of utilizing the product from the previous design step, the cost of BIM consultant in the next step is adjusted downwards with coefficient k = 0.6.

- Construction costs (before VAT) is to determine cost of BIM in the conceptual design stage within the preliminary total investment of the approved pre-feasibility study report or estimated by the investment capital rate, data of cost of the similar project which have implemented before.

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