Architectural BIM service

We are your innovative partner offering multidisciplinary services for various domains across industry, especially in architecture.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has quickly become a staple part of global architecture design processes. We have a lot of experience in modeling and detailing Revit Architecture model and 2D documentation. As well as, we would be able to do any type of shape and parametric model component. We are willing to work with a US/UK/ Aus architecture design firm and dealing with specific BIM standard and requirement. Some recognizable end-client we have been supporting such as: Google, Genetech and Turner.

ith our extensive experience and collaboration process we’ve gathered from many complex projects, we are confident to have knowledge on building codes and Local Authoring Building in US and UK, participate into project as a contractor and communicate smoothly enable to solve all of trouble related with quality of job.

Our client selects us to make a positive impact on their business with collaborative design and a deep commitment to their success.

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